Photomètre Solaire Phocea

Phocea is the new generation of sunphotometer dedicated of measuring the resultant light during solar eclipse to determine solar diameter with greatest accuracy.

The first generation was named PICALI and was used for solar eclipse in French Polynesia during summer 2010.

PHOCEA use a new photodiode, more sensible and a digital converter 24bits tall.




Technical characteristics

  • 100 measures per second generated with the GPS native 100Hz clock.
  • Digital converter : 24bits depth : [0 to 16777215] light number.
  • Each measure is dated with the number of centi-second from midnight.
  • More 4 hours of records with inboard flash memory
  • Data download by USB with PC_PHOCEA ( Software free supply by Tenum) or by inserting SD card in the photometer.
  • Possibility to schedule a measurement session several days in advance.
  • A 4-lines LCD display informs the user about the operating steps of the photometer and its programmed parameters.
  • The Phocea is equipped with a 31.75 mm diameter baffle (astronomy instruments standards), which allows the installation of a wide choice of optical filters.
  • The photometer 200 x 100 x 40mm case features a Kodak standard screw system to fit any type of tripod.
  • The photometer is powered by four AA 1.5V batteries.



Software Phocea 3 (Juillet 2017) (avec programmation d'identifiant)

User manual


Software Phocea_1.2 (Janvier 2015)

Software Picali 1.3 (Octobre 2012)